Anti-Avril Lavigne


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The many horrible fashions of Avril

From a British celebrity magazine

She must have dropped it during her last song.

Avril shows off her misquito bites.

What is wrong with her face?

They didn't trust her with a real guitar.

Apparently Avril doesn't.

Even Avril knows she's a loser.

The only person lamer than Avril is this guy.

HoW t0t@llY h@rdDc0r3!!!!111one1

It's just a $600 fashon accessory

What a rock star!

Actual clipping from a teen magazine

"Durrr.. I can play a song!!"

That stupid hypocrite.

And then the ugly tree fell on her....

"Then I'll start the 1st inch of coverup."

Being hardc0re is FUN!!!!1111 ;)

Avril's first involuntary homocide

Only REAL punk rockers wear pink ties! ...not...

The oldest AND most mature!

Those Botox injections look pretty strong....

That is definetly not normal

There ain't be'in nothin in her head.

Avril is clueless.

Avril takes showers all the time! Well, not really

Clipping from CosmoGirl

They met in a Posers Anonymous meeting.

She is killing all the good music!

No wonder so many little girls idolize her!

It's weighing down my hair extentions!

She also has 'don't be stupid' on the other hand.

What a skank.

She knows how to hold a beer mug from experience

How could anyone find that attractive?


HAHAHA What a loser!

Avril has never heard what bathing is.

Avril Lavigne: As hardc0re as Mandy Moore

She's a little corporate whore.

Everything 'aboot' her is fake.

Let's switch their organs around! Wee!

Hey! And we both have male genetalia!!!

But I want it nooowwww

Just end it. End it all.

What a hottie!...*cough*

What an ass!

"Now if I can get them to believe that I'm punk.."

Avril can't even get her fans interested

Her parents are ashamed.

Avril buys a card for...herself.

Whoever said she's ugly is S000 $t00pidd!!!11

They left because they realized that she sucks!

Because Avril is definetly on something...

What a mallrat loser.

She's doing the devil's dirty work.

The power of Christ compels you!

Only losers don't know who The Pixies are!

He was a sk8er boi, she said see you

It's Avril in 5 years!

No wonder all those 11 year old girls love her!

Taken from a magazine interview

Aw. She is so unloved. Ha!

She wants braaaains.  Braaaiiiins!!!

(Actual Avril Quote)

Yay! Target practice!!!

Now, to rob the Clearasil factory.....

Avil r teh gud speelr!!!111

Oh crap...I'm ugly too!!!!

Who wouldn't look up to her?!

Oh yeah...she respects herself....

Avril needs to go to jail for ruining music.

M!lK iz 2 h@rDc0r3!!!111

Yay! She is stupid!

Choke and die, biotch!

Avril dates losers. And her boyfriends do too.

She still doesn't get it.

Even her fans sing better than her...

Avril is so proud!!

What a f*cking hypocrite!!!!

She really sucks a lot of dick.....ies

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