Anti-Avril Lavigne

They Agree!

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There are many famous people who 'h8' Avril too.  Below are a collection of Anti-Avril quotes straight from their mouths.

Good Charlotte:
When a fan asked if they would tour with Avril, they responded "Hell No", and then Joel said, "I'd be having a good day until someone calls me Avril Lavigne."
On Total Request Live:
Benji: Next at number 5 we have Avril Lavigne with "Sk8er Boi".
Joel: That's skater with an 8 and boy with an i! Like totally!
(after video)
Joel: Like, for sure! That totally rocked!
Benji: She's so punky!
Kenny from Starting Line:
At a recent show:
Kenny: "Do you guys like Avril Lavigne?"
Crowd: "No!"
Kenny: "Yea, i think she's a c*nt!"
Dereck from Sum41:
Fan: So yeah are you friends with her or what?
Deryck: Not really, she just kind of follows us around
Fan: Then why does she tell everyone that you guys are friends?
Deryck: how the f*ck am i supposed to know. She's crazy.
Iann Robinson of MTV News:
"Lavigne is sickening to me. She's everything that's wrong with music today. She's a manufactured voice. She claims she's punk, but she doesn't even know who the Ramones are. I hate to admit that she was big in 2002, but she was. Even though I don't like her, she had a good year and will probably continue to do well."
Jordan of New Found Glory:
Jordan is quoted to saying that Avril "sucks dick, and ruined punk"
John Mayer:
In an interview, John was asked what he thinks about chicks playing their own instruments and Avril was mentioned and then John answered:
John: "Oh, Avril doesn't really play the guitar.(snickers) She only does so in the video to make herself look cool." 
Interviewer:  "No collaborattions with Avril in the future?"
John: "Avril? No. Oh wait, maybe logistically selling ties. Of course I'd design them. She'd just wear them."
Kelly Osbourne:
"That's like saying Avril is rock. That's not fucking rock.....If she's trying to be rock and her idol is Johnny Reznick, I don't think she'll get very far."
Shirley Mandon of Garbage:
At the Houston, Tx No Doubt/Garbage/Distillers show, right before Shirley Manson sang "stupid girl", she got all giddy and happy and started skipping around the stage saying "Avril Lavigne is a stupid girl!"
Chester from Linkin Park:
Said sarcastically, "Move over guys. Make room for Avril Lavigne, she's a big star. We're only a little rock band."
Wow, a lot of people hate Avril!