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Avril Quotes
and my responses in red

New Quote: "When I wrote complicated, i was feeling what the song talks about--that there are tons of people in the world who are fake ,who are two faced"
Ha. Ha. Hahahahahahahahhahahahaha.
New Quote:  "Everyone is winners, even those who aren't nominated"
Brilliant grammar there, Avril.  Well done.   Sorry you didn't win anything.  At least you're a winners.
New Quote: "When things are very real and honest they don't go away."
Yeah, kinda like how YOU won't go away!
New Quote: "School teaches you what to do with the rest of your life. I already knew."  "I wanted to become famous with no singing talent and rip off every alternative fashion style in existance."
"When I write a song, I sit down with the guitar and write about what I'm feeling at that time. It just comes out."
Kinda like my vomit when I hear your songs!
"Of course, I've being compared to Kurt Cobain, we are both rock legends."
The only type of legend you are, Avril, is a Legendary Poser.  I don't see why Kurt Cobain is dead when you're the one who should be six feet under.
"Yes, I was a and I did enjoy it, but people hold that against me..I'm as punk as they come..."
Yes, we all know that the Pistols met at cheerleading tryouts........
"I'm gonna dress what's me, I'm gonna act what's me, and I'm gonna sing what's me." 
So...crap, crap and crap?
Gurls and Guys can relate to my songs. They are deep and emotional.  I wrote those lyrics when I was trying to survive!
Hmm..."he was a skater boy, she said see ya later boy.."  Yeah. That's so deep and emotional.  I'm vomiting through my tears...
I'm starting to realize that I'm officially famous!
Wow...not, lyke, totally conceited at all or anything...
"I was born with a love for music. I listened to a lot of different stuff; everything from Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill and Shania Twain to Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox Twenty, Third Eye Blind and Green Day." Like, how totally hardc0re!
After I got signed, I remember my daddy's like, 'you can't go skateboarding unless you have a helmet on and and elbow pads and knee pads' and I'm like, 'no!'" And I'm like, "I don't care!!!"
 "I don't wanna be no fake pop sh*t" Well, good, because you're not fake pop sh*t. You're fake punk sh*t!!!

"I dress cool and I look h0t and if you don't like it, s*ck it" That's not a conceited thing to say at all.

"People are like, 'Well, she doesn't know the 5ex Pistols.' Why would I know that stuff?" Ummm, everyone know who the 5ex Pistols are

"I h8 makup and sh*t like that, if you wanna express yourself, do it in your music." What about that 20 pounds of eyeliner that you use to hide your true hideosity?

"Even before, I knew what, like, a record was, I knew I was going to make one." a retard!!!!

"I really h8 preps." Awww, don't be so hard on yourself!

"Pink's pretty cool. She's just kinda like a poser." Look who's f*cking talking!!!

"I grew up on the mean streets of Canada and I had to survive."  I thought you said you grew up in a rich Canadian suburb.....

"I think the Osbornes s*ck! Its a passing fad."  Yeah kinda like you! At least they what's the word...oh yeah: cool.

In case you didn't know, ties on chicks are, like, soo five months ago.  Uhh, then why are you never without a tie?

My teachers made me feel dumb, but school isn't the only measure of intelligence or talent. I'm 17 and I can write songs--I'm not dumb. So as long as you write a song, it automatically makes you smart?  Plus, Avril, you don't even write songs anyway, so your teachers are right.

I don't write "Oh baby, baby" songs.  But 'yeah yeah yeah' and 'lalala' is different?

It's somthing about "S8ter Boi" that makes it so hard rock. Oh, I know! It's me singing on the f*cking track!"  Once again....conceited.......

"The guys I date have to be like me. I can't see myself with some skinny prep guy driving in his daddy's car."  So if you want to date someone like you, the guy would have to be a prep dressed like a punk and driving a car that he bought using the money he earned for having no singing talent?

New Quote: "Evan's my bro. I'm like his little sister."  "I'm just like a little sister that gives her big brother BJs."

New Quote:  "I don't like using the term pop star because that's not my personality. My personality is like a rock star. I'm hardc0re."   Oh yeah. You are so badass.  I mean, crashing that mall in your Sk8r Boi video? Totally rocker.  Your rebelliousness is overwhelming.

New Quote:  Me and my band have being friends for years.
Years as in...they were set up by your record 2002?
New Quote:  I felt kind of guilty when I'd go to swear because I felt I would be disappointing my parents.
Oh, of course. I mean, all the hard, bad-ass rockers keep the profanity down so as not to offend their parents.  Why the hell do you go around flipping the bird everywhere?
I don't want to walk around in Britney Clothes. How uncomfortable, eh?
Ahahahha that's got to be the funniest quote I ever read aboot!
I am so busy. I never get to eat.
And yet you retain your short and bulgy figure so well!
I'm definetly grown a lot in that whole period. Especially as a person.
Really, Avril. I thought you grew as a canary.
It's like, all this American Idol crap that bugs me. I mean, here I am, working my ass off for my fans and some little s|ut blows some English guy with a bug up his ass and people all respect her. It's sick.
Are you actually saying that Kelly Clarkson is not talented? She beat hundreds of thousands of people at singing.  How can she not be talented? I would bet a million bucks that Avril wouldn't make it past the first round of American Idol... without audio machines, that is.
"School gave me an inferiority complex, I never did my work, was always talking, and failed all my test because I didn't try. I would be throwing M&Ms and the English teacher would say, 'Stop that or I'm going to make you leave the room.' And I'd be like, Thats what I want. So I'd keep throwing them, get kicked out, and grab my skateboard and go skate." You are a hero and role mode1 to 12 year olds everywhere!
"Check out the lead singer! He's adorable! The funny thing is, we kind of look alike." - talking about Hanson.  Hanson! Wow! How hardc0re punk rawk!!! My god, you are such a teeny bopper, Avril! and you are totally in love with yourself!
 If I become hugely famous, I don't want to get a friggin' ego. I'd Hope the people around me would kick my butt if I did!" I would be overjoyed to arrange that, Avril!
 "Everyone is winners, even those who aren't nominated" You wouldn't say that if you actually won, Avril.  Plus.... "Everyone is winners"?????
 "I'm getting more famouser by the day!"  Avril is the role for dumb b|ondes everywhere.
"'Skater Boy' is one of the most hardest, rawest songs ever made. Alot of s wish they could jam on the guitar like I could, but they can't!" And by jam you mean pretend you know how the hell to make it make noise? By the way, what the hell is 'most hardest"?????
"People like Shakira shouldnt have record contracts. She cant even speak English."  Jeeszus you are racist, you dirty Canadian !
"Punk is like not about the style, its about the music!" Not that you'd know anything about that...
"I wish everyone whould stop saying that I'm not "punk"! God damnit, I created punk for this day and age. Do you see Britney walking around wearing ties and singing punk? Hell no. Thats what I do. I'm like a Sid Vicious for a new generation. People look up to me and want to be me. And thats fine, just don't try to copy the sh*t I do!" Okay you just contradicted what you said in the quote before this one.  Make up your mind!
"I get all these loser preps coming up to me asking for autographs and all this crap, and I really want to tell them, 'My music is not for people like you!'" If you want punks to like your music, maybe you should make punk music!
"I'm going to be around for a while. I'm going to make tons of records and keep on writing music and performing and reaching fans." Then kill me so I only had to suffer through a little bit of it.

Quotes from Anti-Avril People:
as stolen from here
"the words 'avril' and 'rocks' should not be used in the same sentence...unless the sentence is 'lets go throw rocks at avril and see how bad we can dent her skull'."
"I admitt i did like avril.but when i heard her singing live...i was so turn off..she cant even if u had to change her voice that much for her to make a c.d thats wrong..i can sing wayyyy better than that and sad in so many if she could sing it be sweet..but but i dont see why a agency would want to make her a star...u need talent to be a star...not a poser who wants to be."
"These MTV Zombies will eat up anything Carson Daly tells them as truth. So they say "this is punk" the lemmings say "this is my new fad" the real punks are misrepresented. Avril is a billboard for lies about our lifestyles and does NOT deserve any award exepct for Years New Poser"

"My mate has no arms and can play the guitar better than her."

"She sucks...she should burn in hell...fake tattoos....stylish...*death...skater?...i think not, she never skated in her life...maybe just rolled down a hill sitting on the board...she's a total diss to us makes us look bad..and us REAL punk rockers...who appreciate the music instead of labeling pop music with 'punk rock'....why does she try to act's really not she supposed to be depressed...honey, you don't know where close..try again...preppy ...i think that's more like it.... can't even do the ROCK ON sign's not backwards with straight fingers...gosh..and she can't pronounce david bowie's name right..gosh...i'm insulted...."



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