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Your site is my home. Holy f*ck it's the best site in the world.
Everyone around me is telling me that I should like Avril and listen to her
before I judge her. WRONG. God I hate that whiney duche bag. Shes not punk. Some people know it, and this site has probably taught a lot of people about her. I really like the pictures. You should get some more. They made me laugh a lot. I want to hang her by one of those cheap ties and shove my foot down her throught. That would make my day. Well, as I already said, your site is very awesome. Thank you for making it, it has been able to help some of my friends hate Avril's ever living guts and see the real greasy, dirty, dumpster ho that she really is. Thank you
You rock! I love your site! It's so damn funny and I
just love to read it over and over. I especially love
your hatemail page. Those fans just make themselves
look even more stupid. I can't read half of them, I
wish they would learn how to write. Another favorite
page is the Fun With Contradictions. The title alone
makes me laugh so hard, but the content, man alive!
I've gotten many people to see that Avril is a liar
thanks to your site! Now they hate her too. It's good
to know that brave people like you are willing to step
up and speak the truth. I'm going to make a single
page about why I hate her. Will you link me when I'm
If you ever want need any help with your site, please
let me know! I would love to contribute!
I know it's not about Avril, but doesn't Ashlee
Simpson look like a f*cking idiot wearing a shirt that
says "PUNK"? That's like Avril wearing a shirt that
says Rap. Too funny. I think Avril and Ashlee should
get together and try to make a rock band. They
wouldn't even be able to get passed the first lyric,
let alone the song title. Then they should call up
Hilary and start a Punk Rock Tour. LOL.

What a great site. Nothing like exposing to truth to slap some sence into these sell-out-buy-everything kiddies. I can't stand a who claims shes punk yet can't play gutiar, skate, or write songs. I'm a who has written songs, played gutiar and sang since I actaully WAS 13. I feel like she ruined any chance at my making it really sucks. My band (Lana and the Troublemakers) is just starting to get out there and I'm already getting remarks like "I'm the next Avril" ....its horrible. Thanks a lot you stupid poser un-talented b*tch!  Anyway like I said, great site!

She called Pink a poser!?  Pink actually lived on the streets!  She lived the punk life.  Avril grew up in a Christian community with loving parents, and food on the table...
I love your site Sky. I believe that Avril Lavigne, Blink 182, Good
Charlotte, and that stupid band with the guy named Pierre suck major ass. Those people don't have a freaking clue of what Punk really is. Going to Hot Topic does not make you punk. Wearing a Blink 182 shirt does not make you punk. Being Punk is not a fashion that needs to be commercialized, its the ideal and the music thats behind it that makes it cool. Those Avril loving losers should listen to the Pistols, NOFX,The Vandals, Pulley, and Rancid. That's real Punk. Avril is that commercialized fake, whiny POP-punk crap that turns little kids into posers. Its not the Canadians fault that Avril came to be you know.
Wow! Just yesterday I was looking at all the Anti - Avril sites and I realized that I wasn't the only one who felt that Avril was phony. I'm proud to say that I was never a fan of hers. When I first heard her music, I thought it was boring. And when I saw her, she just looked like a plain white gurl who tries to act all hard. She is not hard. What kind of life in a small town in Canada going to make her hard. She has no talent. She sings like crap and she can't play the guitar. Why do all these young teens think she is cool? It makes me sick when I read magazines telling us that she is rock or punk or whatever. She is ruining the name. I love your site. It's cool and REALLY FUNNY. I think more people need to be educated about their little idol and know that she is a fake! Keep doin' your thing .

Your site is awesome. It's funny and so true. Im not punk, but i know
that Avril is a poser. I cant stand posers and I never liked her music or
any pop music like it. Wait, why am I calling it music?? People actually tell
me that I am trying to be like Avril because I sraighten my hair. God! Ive
been doin it before I knew she existed. Any way the point I was originally
tying to make is how much of an embarassment she is to Canadian's. Im sure
more of my fellow Canadians will agree, hopefully because she gives us a bad name. Seriously,
she lies down on a skateboard goin down a hill and says "look at me i can state!" Any way my compliments
to your site i love it.   - Kyrstin

Your site is GREAT I am glad there are actually people out there who can see through Avril's phony little act.... I am embarassed that I used to be a fan of hers....that is until she made a very rude comment about Benji Madden from Good Charlotte. She said that " he is a bloating alcoholic poser." After that I just found more and more reasons to hate her. Especially since I am a guitar player I was outraged when I realized SHE CANT PLAY! I give you props for creating this site its one of the best anti avril sites I have found. We can just all hope now that she falls off the face of this earth. She is a disgrace to punks and canadians everywhere! Way to GO KEEP SPREADING THE WORD! AVRIL SUCKS! SAY IT LOUD AND PROUD!
A fellow Avril Hater

Yes yes, This site is great. Very funny. You have a way with words that just makes people want to laugh.
I think it's very very interesting, how Avril's voice is changed by using machines. Does this mean she's nothing more than some sort of 'con artist'?
Thanks for making your site so funny and for being brave enough to speak your mind, even with the risk of Hate mail, which you don't seem to be scared of at all.  
Keep up the good work, friend!
Thanks. I'm glad you like the site.  Avril's voice is very greatly changed and edited with machines, as are many pop artists.  It's hard to get the perfect note or part of a song, so the producers have people change and fix the pitch of the voices in songs.  Avril isn't the only one, the change is just much more drastic.  She has been said to have a very bad voice when singing live, which would be because there are no machines to support her.  Thanks for visiting the site!

hey! i totally respect you Sky. Avril is a stupid little who doesn't have any musical talent and relies on her false image for security and self confidence.  I'm from Montreal and everyone here hates her.  She doesn't even have any fans in her home country! I play electric guitar and my friend, who very sadly admires avril, wanted me to teach her sk8r boi.  hey, she's my friend and even though i told her about avrils faults, i couldn't shake her.  Anyway, there are about five power chords in the entire song and she can't even play them. instead she hops around on stage or holds some guitar that probably isn't even connected to an amp.  I suppose you could call me a punk, if you want to. I like the Buzzcocks,  Pistols, Clash, Damn Personals, Rancid, Op. Ivy, Ramones, ect ect. and i have purple hair (!) i'm not trying to convince you that i'm punk or anything, just giving you a bit of backround on meself. Anyhoo, love the site. Avril is a b*tch. forgive my vulgar language.

Great Site! I'm glad that there are actually people SMART enough
                  in this damn world to know Avril is a f*cking bitch who wears
                  ties, dickies, and 
                  chuck taylors. I think its pointless to actually write Hate mail, why would people(not to mention their poor grammer skills)
                  try to defend Avril? Isn't kind 
                  of dumb to know you'll just get flamed back? JEEESSSUSS! Its like when avril discovers Hot Topic, its like her new"self"!
                  She can' t sing,can't play a guitar, 
                  SHE CAN'T SKATEBOARD! She infested my school(full of rich preps) into ties,dyed hair,chuck taylors,arm socks that say "punk"
                  on them..AHHHHHHHHHHH! Ok 
                  just a little rant, but yeah, cool site! thank you for not being a STUPID IM-SO-PUNK-RAWK person!

Well I guess I have to admit that I did like Avril BACK THEN until I realized what a poser she is. Right after that song "Complicated" she proved to me what a hypocrite she is. I love your Anti-Avril's hilarious. I think your the kewlist! Avril sux and should get shot in the face and rot in hell for all eternity! I hate people that are all obsessed w/that and I hate it when people say I look like Avril just because I wear a fu*kin' tie and have straight hair. WTF?!?!?!?!? I hate to break it to those dumba$$es but...SHE DIDN'T INVENT THE TIE W/A WIFEBEATER AND SHE'S NOT THE ONLY IN THIS WORLD W/STRAIGHT HAIR!!!!!! I don't consider myself punk or anything of the sort because I don't label myself. Avril's stupid and should go back to Canada! She's a disgrace to punks everywhere and should get her a$$ kicked. I think "S8er Boi" is the most stupidest song! How lame is the only thing she could get to rhyme w/boy is none other than boy and what the hell is up w/spelling of boy the way she does. It's obvious that she lacks intelligence from dropping out of school. OOooOoOo look at me look at me I'm a drop out I'm sooo kewl. Stupid a$$ trick! Yeah I saw that MTV icon Metallica thing and I couldn't believe those fu*kers had Avril sing one of their songs! I was ed after seeing that sh*t. I was hoping Jonathan Davis of KoRn would of beat the hell out of her or something. By the way KoRn is fu*kin' bada$$!!! Why is everyone making such a big fu*kin' deal about that dumb . She is nothing but a poser and there are more Anti-Avril sites than fan sites...what is that telling y'all numbnuts. Sky your awesome! Keep on w/your site. Avril is really annoying! She is sooo fake! W/her dirty hair that is NOT naturally straight! She's full of sh*t I just take a shower and leave my hair the way it is and it stays straight...that's crap. Her hair is naturally wavy and if you really took a shower (which I highly doubt) and left it...IT WOULD STILL BE WAVY!!! Anyways I can go on and on about how much I hate the b*tch but I'd rather not waste my time talking about a meaningless so called "song writer" like her. Great site. I'll be checking back soon for some new stuff. Peace.*

Mad love for all you Anti-Avril people,

Hey this isn't hate mail or anything and I'm not
                  exactly punk but I like your site 'cause you speak
                  your mind. I used to be a fan of Avril until I found
                  out what she was like. Now my best friend and I post
                  your web site everywhere and proclaim how much 'Avril
                  Sux'. You rock, and listen, I'm not some prep either I
                  don't really lable myself..but I'm not gonna go into
I've been going to your "Anti-Avril" site...and i think its hilarious...And reading your hate mail makes me laugh even more....I understand that half the reason of you making the site is to make people laugh...i mean,the people who hate your site dont get it...I think people need to get a life and if they hate your site so much,why come to it....People need to realize that dressing with clothespins and spikes,with weird colored hair doesnt neccessarily make them punk....I just wanted to tell you that i appriciate your humor and will continue going to your site....and remember kids,Avril is nothing but a poser.....and when you get a magazine with her in it,scribble on her face like me....^_^
I would have to agree with your site, I used to like
Avril until I read alot of what she said and heard her
in interviews and to me it seems that she lacks in
much intellegence, in fact, lacks so much that her
songs sound too intellegent for her...

You may wonder where I'm going with that-well, when
you see her perform, you can tell she's ripped out of
her mind, she most likely drinks alot, after all, she
will be 19 this year and thats legal in Canada and oh
look, she dropped out--she's the poster child for why
people ought to stay in school. 

Mind you, I'm not judging her, not saying she most
definatly beyond a reason of a doubt does all that, I
don't know, but I do know what I see and what she has
said, the words out of her own mouth.  In my opinion,
she needs to close her mouth before she gets herself
in anymore trouble than she is already in.  All things
I have stated are in my opinion, much like your sight
is in your opinion, but we share alot of the same
There are many Anti-Avril Lavigne sites out there, but yours is one of the few worth taking a look at. You state why you made the site, and give good reasons to back your points up. All the disillusioned fans who scream "You only hate her because she's better than you!" when you state the fact that you even remotely dislike her music, haven't taken the time to consider what good music is. Yes, everyone has their own opinion on what good music is, but Avril... Avril is certainly not good music. Like another fan of your site said, Cradle of Filth and the Misfits forever... those two bands are good music. With bands that you would consider good music, you'd go to any lengths to get their cd's, unlike Avril's mass produced CD which you can find in even your local supermarket. But I digress, I would like to close this praise with a sentence:  Thank you, for your informative site. XP

Placebo, HIM, Cradle of Filth and Sopor Aeternus will rock my world even in the afterlife. ^.^

Finally, an anti-Avril site worth looking at! (Not that the others suck or anything...) You put a good bundle of stuff behind WHY she sucks and is a disgrace to not only punk rock, but rock music overall. My theory behind Avril is that a record executive took an ugly preppy chick from Canada, put tons of eyeliner on her, and gave her "punk" clothing. Wearing the same tank top in all your videos isn't going to get you far. If you asked her who The Misfits or Social Distortion was, she wouldn't have a damn clue who those groups were. She was simply manufactured. It's obvious that many "preppy" people like her, yet she says she hates preps. (As you said, she shouldn't be so hard on herself) Many of her fans think that she's punk to the extreme, and think they know what punk is. Today's world of music has been taken over by mainstream supposed "punk" with groups like blink-182, New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, and unfortunately Avril. She needs to make up her mind on what the hell she's talking about. The remarks you made after the quotes were definitely true. At this point, I shut my flapping mouth, tap my heels 666 times, and go back to the pit that spawned me. Your site is awesome! Keep up the good work! LONG LIFE TO CRADLE OF FILTH, SLAYER, AND THE MISFITS!!!!
I was a huge Avril fan until yesterday. I wrote her and requested an autograph picture at that Nettwerk Management 1650 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 4R3 and after three months of waiting I got a response. No autograph but instead I got some booklet advertizing junk for her fan club. I never got my autograph but for $27 I can receive a membership to her stupid fan club (Backbone), a poster that I already ing have; stickers (what the do I do with those?) temporary tattoes (again, why?) What really ed me off is that the self addressed stamped envelop that I sent to make the autograph response easier was used by those Nettwerk s to send this garbage. So basically they're asking for cash. I think that is just about the most selfish ing thing that has ever happened to me. She's ing rich and she cannot give an autograph to a devoted fan. There isn't even any autograph opportunities through her fan club. I as a fan am expected to be a ing bank machine to these rich s. Backbone offers "good" tickets to concerts when available. What a ing crock of . First off she doesn't tour anywhere near my home town.
This all happened the day after my grandfather's funeral (perfect timing). So I decided to do something about it. I took her CD outside and smashed a rock on top of it. I gathered up the pieces and I am sending it to Nettwerk Management. I know this is an Anti-Avril site but I also know that Avril fans happen upon the site.
I wish to do two thins; First I want to warn Avril fans of this selfish act for those seeking autographs. Contrary to popular belief, Avril hates her fans. Secondly I want to encourage Anti-Avril folks to send busted Avril CD's to Nettwerk Management just to them off. That would make a difference plus it would be fun because Nettwerk Management is connected with Avril. Have a nice day.


Just thought I'd e-mail you and let you know what I
thought of the Anti-Avril site.

It's refreshing to see... as a 21 year old who's
growing ever sick of teeny bopper pop and punk posing
groups... Bands allowing their 'f--- this, f--- that,
we're the best' attitude to be exploited and marketted
(to wannabes) by the corporate music industry...
Amidst that, it's refreshing that there's at least
some members of today's youth that combat that just as
much as we do and for that, I praise you in your

Exposing Avril to a community of so called punk
rockers who worship Queen Lavigne, the bratty pop-punk
tart posterchild for corporate exploitation of 'punk',is no easy task, but you're doing well. There will be a day where her novelty washes off like her caked on makeup (soaked by tears) and she'll be of the b-list variety... or constantly struggling to keep up appearances in other media (hopefully not) while her CD's collect dust in the clearance bin of each and every Walgreens.
  She's a trend and as such, she'll be destined to fade away.

"'Punk' is a lifestyle, an ideal, whose backbone
consists of freedom of expression as well as the 'do
it yourself ethic'. A true punk wouldn't go out and
buy plaid pants, but rather would make them... make a
choker out of a dog collar or chain at a hardware
store... making your own shirts... zines and
publishing your own music. Punk is not the fashion
exploited by greedy corporations and slapped on
hangers and racks in Hot Topic and Gadzooks for
'jocks' and 'preps' and well... wannabes to eat up.
The fashion aspect is and only has been a small part
of punk and the association with punk. Music also can
be construed as such, being part of the punk
subculture. Listening to punk music does not make you
punk, neither does dressing like one. Punk is
untampered individuality and freedom that is
threatened to extinction by a corporate industry
capitalizing on it's "anti-conformity" sub-beliefs.
Perhaps it's already ."

Thanks again.

well i love your site... well i dont know if you watch mtv... but im
sure you know about that mtv icon , there having it for metallica...
and that hole is going to perform a song of theirs... that
really gets me fukking pi55ed... shes not metal, nothing close to metal...
you gotta say somehting about this on your site, that or make fun
of me for thinking that u would care, either one will be great..
well i really got noting else to say but i know ur with me in saying
that she doesnt deserve to play for them... she deserves to have her
eyes, fingers and toes cut off and fed to her while am m-80 is being lit in
her a55...
oh yeah, by the way, friends call me johnny...


Okay, I'll admit. I used to be an Avril fan. I liked her style, the fact that she skateboards (because I do, too) and her songs. But that was in the past. As I went on with my little life, I noticed things about her that irked me. At first they were little things. The fact that she totally contradicts herself, the fact that her lyrics were one of the simplest I've ever heard, and the fact that she actually sucks at skateboarding. Wow, I'm actually better than her, I think.

Then it actually gets worse. I used to think she was pretty, and actually nice because she's not like Britney. Then it turns out without makeup, she's a total monster. And the things she says that are in your site? Totally conceited. Then it hits me. She sucks. And what sucks even more is that people are OBSESSED with her. In my country, (Philippines) there was this text poll on TV. People were asked: "Avril, Michelle or Vanessa?"

Seventy-five percent voted Avril. Wow. And a mere ten percent voted my favorite, Michelle Branch, the only one of the three was true to herself, actually played guitar, had good fashion sense and wasn't annoying. My point? I hate not only Avril, but her oh-so-mature fans who rebel you guys (Avril-haters, haha) by saying oh-so-mature things like, "you guys suck. Avril totally rocks, woo-hoo."

So I guess I'll have to congratulate you guys. I love the gallery, the quotes, and the fact that a lot of celebrities actually hate Avril. And I was surprised. I never knew that. Anyway, I guess I'm ranting by shamelessly congratulating you guys. So now I'm gonna end this by saying that you guys aren't wasting your time by making fun of a poser. You guys are there to entertain people like me, and can I say I love you guys?

PS. Love the whole, "8-in-your-words" thing. Ha!