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Fun with Contradictions!

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As you may have read in the Why 'H8' We Her section, Avril contradicts herself. A lot.  This section is just to prove to you that Avril needs to try and remember what she lies about so that she doesn't contradict herself.

Contradiction #1:  Punk
There are many quotes in which Avril says "I'm not punk!" or "I never claimed to be punk!".  Well, I agree with her on the first one, she is not punk, but she is wrong about never claiming to be punk. Please read the mini interview below:

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Avril is NOT punk.

There's even this instance, where a TEEN MAGAZINE caught Avril contradicting herself on being punk. Here's the clip below:

Yet another contradiction

Contradiction #2: Makeup
Avril is quoted to have said "I'm not into gloss and g1amour.  It's so fake!"  and I have seen one quote in which she states that she doesn't think people should wear a ton of makeup because it's whats on the inside that counts.  Yeah Avril, so thats why you wear so much eyeliner.  We know that you are ugly inside and out and that makeup is just your little mask you use.  Click these pictures to see the enlarged images of Avril.....

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The magic of cosmetics

Contradiction #3: Songwriter
"I write my own songs" claims the poser in an interview with, which is a big deal as not many pop stars write their music completely by themself, not that there is anything wrong with that.  But Avril goes on to say "I don't like people putting their lyrics into my songs,"  Well, that would be all fine and well, Avril, if you weren't lying.  In the article in Rolling Stone Magazine (the one with Avril on the cover)  it says:
"According to the Matrix, they wrote the bulk of the three hit singles by themselves, following their first meeting with Lavigne. "With those songs, we conceived the ideas on guitar and piano," says Christy. "Avril would come in and sing a few melodies, change a word here or there. She came up with a couple of things in 'Complicated,' like, instead of 'Take off your stupid clothes,' she wanted it to say 'preppy clothes.'"
So, not only did Avril lie about writing all her own songs, but she actually changed them so that they catagorize 'preps' and 'punks'. How lame is that?  Also, on the inside cover of Avril's debut album, Let Go, you can see that next to each song it says 'Written by Avril Lavigne & -----'.  Not a single song on the album was written completely by her.
Contradiction #4: Skating
Avril has contradicted herself by saying that "I started skateboarding the summer before 11th grade. I was good." and then she said "I can ollie and sort of grind. I suck, but, I mean, I'm not a pro. But I just like doing it. It's fun."  So you are a good skater and you suck?  What the hell?  Make up your mind, Avril.  You can click the picture below to see the enlarged photos of Avril "skating" as taking from Seventeen Magazine (how punk rawk!)

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See her skate! See her fall! See her cry!

Contradiction #5: Pepsi
Avril has said many times that she is a "free spirit" and that no one can tell her what to do.  I have heard numerous times that at some of Avril's concerts, she gets the fans to chant "Pepsi! Pepsi!" over and over.  Isn't that odd? Why would a free spirit do that? Is it because Avril is endorced by Pepsi Cola and this is just an advertising ploy?  Of course not! Avril is a free spirit, remember?  No one can tell her what to do.  She was just making her fans scream the name of the company that sponsers her for fun.  Yeah, right.
UPDATE! Avril is now a part of the Pepsi Smash tour!!! How t0talLi h^rdc0r3!!! Usually 'singers' don't sell out until at least their third year in the buissiness. I guess Avirl is just THAT advanced. 
(Read about Avril and her Pepsi Sellout Tour here)

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Consumer whore