Anti-Avril Lavigne


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These are the reasons why we 'h8' Avril:

1. She's a Poser
She tries to be something which she is not.  I don't usually judge people like this, but it is just so obvious.  Avril doesn't know the history of meaning of punk, so her attempt to be a part of it is pathetic.  She thinks that punk is high tops, a tie and a spiked bracelet.  She doesn't think that maybe her music has something to do with it, or that punk goes far beond Blink-182 and TRL.  It's pretty sad to pose as something you know nothing about.
2. Her music is bad
It is not punk. It is pure pop and for some reason many people can't seem to grasp that simple concept. Adding an electric guitar won't make it punk.  Your music has to make a statement other than "I spend hours on my hair, the boy was a punk and she was a ballerina, etc."  Her lyrics are shallow and meaningless even though they are supposed to be so touching.  Avril once said that she wrote about whatever was in her heart.  I think she meant in her ass.  I think it's a load of sh*t.
3. Everyone is soooo obsessed with her
She is really stupid yet the preps seem to adore her.  And she said she hates preps! So what, she hates her fans?   No one who listens to real punk music would consider Avril Lavigne to be a punk artist.  A lot of people have gotten mad and written to me that "Avril never said that she was punk!" Well thats a load of too.  She had a pin that said "Kiss me I'm punk" and she admitted her music was a cross between pop-punk AND she said she was a skater-punk in an interview. To see where she says she is a skater punk, check out the Contradiction page.
4. She contradicts herself
It's hard to pretend to be something your not, huh Avril?  She is always saying things and then contradicting them, like when she said "I'm not into gloss and . It's soooo fake."  So why does she wear 400 lbs of eyeliner?  Because she's ugly. And she knows it.  If you don't beleive me, look at the gallery.  Also, Avril says her music is 'a mix of punk, pop and alternative', though she contradicted herself by saying "I never said i was a punk" and "I'm not a pop artist!!!"  Makeup your mind, poser!
5. She has NO talent
Avril makes claims that she can't prove. She says she plays guitar, yet in her concerts, she plays maybe two chords in a couple songs out of the whole show.  Strumming a couple cords doesn't make you a rock star, genious.  Also, she says she is an awesome skateboarder, yet her hardest trick is a ollie, which is the first trick you learn.  People were sooo impressed when she did an ollie onstage.  People like that are stupid.  She has no singing talent either.  Her voice in concert sux because it has not been digitized like her voice on her CD.  She can't stay on tune to her own songs!!! Pure talent, that is.
6. She is NOT a good role mode1.
People are always like "She's my hero!".  You might want to get a new hero, because this one is not a great role mode1.  She drinks, smokes and dropped out of high school.  She doesn't have talent and she hides her true personality behind some black eyeliner and a tie.  She is a loser, and you are too if you really look up to her.
7. She sucks
'Nuff said.

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