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Hate Mail

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Hate mail I have recieved
and my responses in red

Sent: 8/8/04
Avril Lavigne is better than you & that’s why you hate her. Because you’ll never be like her so get over it! Get a different hobby. Or better yet…GET A LIFE!!!!!
You're right. You're totally right.  Avril is a really good artist. She is super talented and a great dresser. Why would I waste my time making this site when I could have been spending it looking up hate sites of artists I like.
GOD you are a retard! You think your mail means anything to me?  God you people are such hypocritical morons, just like Avril.

This is a HATEMAIL FIRST:  Parental Apology!
This letter was sent in response to my reply to the hate mail below this:
Hi. I'm sorry that my daughter has used my email address to send such a foul mouthed diatribe to you.  I will speak to her about this tonight and discipline her accordingly.   Please accept my apologies, I am appalled at the content of this email, truly!  This behaviour will absolutely not be tolerated and the language used is quite frankly disgusting.
Sent: 7/2/04
iam f*ckin p*ssed wae this sh*t on i hate avril she is the f*ckin best i dont really care bout ur f*ckin gay opinion on avril ya poof u hav no f*ckin rite 2 say sh*t bout any1 ya c*nt avril is ma fav person in da whole f*ckin world and if u got a f*ckin problem wit her f*ckin tell her iam sure she would be glade 2 pay some1 2 deal wit u  tit u hav really p*ssed me off coz u no u just p*ssed off coz avril has got some where in her life and u got nottin remember that she is f*ckin rich and wat are u some sad d*ck that made a stupid website and btw avril has hundreds of fans and they really dont wany see this website so get lost ok ya wank
Wow.  I am honored to gotten an email from  an Avril fan who is a homophobe, crappy speller, and has Tourettes Syndrome!  Thanks for helping me make a better point that Avril fans are stupid, ignorant people who aren't willing to listen to anything except their own babbling and the squealing of their untalented leader.  I'm 'glade' that you wrote!

Sent: 4/17/04
wot the fuk !! how the fuk can u talk about avril lik tht!! u say shes ugly hahahahah av u actuly luked in th mirror l8tly?? god if ya did itd smash so ya best not thn yad av seven years bad look but it luks as if yav alredy ad it lukin like tht!! n also u say avril is talentless?? wot the fukk u on !! wel ur drawrings luk like sum 1 out of kindergarten as drawn thm and thy r absolute crap u r a talentless e tht is slaggin of avril coz she duz as a talent unlike u! also u r callin avril i wannab punk mayb she sed shes punk n evrythin n she int but how th FUKK can u talk about b'in a wannab wen u r such a wannab goth most of my m8s r goths n thy h8 avril coz thy sey shes a wannab punk  but evn thy sed "how can she say tht wen shes a wannab goth" hahahahah u make me laff!! nout else 2 do part from slag people of n draw a pile of wank drawrings!  u talk about on ur anti avril website "ya dnt no how peeple r so obsessed with avril!! well wot th hell r u obsessed with sum lil cartoon character with no personality a bit like u !! u r
a shallow judgetive person n i am ok woth peeps h8tin avril n evrythin but sayin stuff like tht about er thn b'in a totall loser yaself ya just gettin ripped hun!! do me a favor n grow up!! i bet ya bout 15 from lukin at th photos so act ya age not ya shoe size!! oh yeah all ya m8s luk a whole oada nerds!! p.s go on my website: [site URL removed for lack of quality]
Wow. I'd have to pull a Comic-Book-Guy and say that this is probably the 'Worst Spelling Ever'.  Are you retarded? Or were you once of normal brain capacity and then heard Avril and turned retarded?  Have I looked in the mirror? Yes.  And I look fine.  I don't know why you people say that I'm ugly if they've never seen me, when everyone has seen Avril's pug face and knows that she is a f*cking ghoul. My art is not crap. You are unnapreciative crap who couldn't come up with anything worthy to say to me so you just wrote a bunch of nonsense misspelled words that would take a genious to decifer.
P.S. You look like THIS

Sent:  4/14/04
ok look here missy!!! How the f*ck can u go and make fun and put down a poor who has gone through a terrible thing like anorexia!!! You must be some low life punk that aint got nuthin else better to do but put others down cuz u aint that big ur self! Avril is better then what youll eva be!! My friend molly told me about this site and how u made fun of a poor with this problem and i was so shocked we called you every word in the book u lil low life!! And yes its true u aint got nuthin else better to do then go and make up a f*ckin website about a person u hate how lame is that anyways!!!! And no u aint the perfect spellier either!!!! And dont think u r! And u said that u got alot of friends and they all hate avril! Sure ur friends are just low lifes like you!!! O and u said that another missis was wastin her time by lookin at ur site get it through ur head SHE LIKES AVRIL! and if ur a fan of someone then u are gonna go to a site about them!! go f*ck ur self u f*ckin fata$$ b*tch hoe i hope u rote in hell u b*tch for what u said to ppl!
Someone who types so stupidly should not tell me that I'm a bad speller.  No one if perfect, but at least I don't write like a first grader, which is probably what you are.  I'm not a lowlife, I'm expressing my opinion, which according to the consititution, is perfectly legal, so screw you.  I have a disclaimer on the first page of the site, and if you are too retarded to ignore it then have fun making yourself look dumb by reading all these true facts about what a stupid you worship.  Please respect your elders, little , I'm too busy applying to colleges right now to deal with moron like you who think I'm going to 'rote in hell'.
Sent: 2/9/03
What?????????????????????????????????????????? I can't believe people actually hates Avril. She is beautiful, got lots of talent, inventor of a unique fashion, and her songs could be related to every single on earth. Unlike Aguilera and Spears, Avril dresses normally and appropriate!  Oh, I would be appreciate if you could teach me how to make a hate site, because I want to make a Hate Site for "The Man Tosser" Jennifer Lopez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If my count is correct, J.Lo broke up 4 times already, and if she broke up with "The iest Man Alive" She is close to breaking a Guinness Record!
Hey, I think you need a few more exclamation and question marks. This is the weirdest mail I've ever gotten. You insult me and my site and then ask for help on making a hate site for some celebrity i don't give a crap about.  Here, I'll type it so you can understand it: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent: 13/9/03


Hey what u on about Avri Lavigne is ugly, you don`t have a clue about anything in this world so just go away and write a book or something, oh wait you can`t write a book because you are moaning about everyone elses spelling and grammar mistakes but you can`t spell.

You have nothing to say about anyone because you are a sad sadistic loser and you should be locked away in an institution and never let out. If you want to slag anyone try and slag me because it won`t, I will give twice as good back you stupid little immature girl (IMAGINE MAKING A WEBSITE ABOUT A SINGER YOU HATE WHAT A WASTE OF TIME) Bye Bye you loser.   I BET YOUR WERE A GEEK AT SCHOOL AND YOU TAKE IT OUT ON EVERYONE ELSE SINCE YOU DON`T HAVE ANY FRIENDS !!!!!!

Oh, you are so funny!  I don't have a clue about anything in the world?  I should write a book?  That's soooo insulting!!! Ooh 'sadistic', what a big word!!!  You hear that on Hooked on Phonics?  'If you want to slag anyone...'?  What the f*&k is 'slag'?  Some little trailor trash term you unintelligent kids use?  By the way, don't say that making this site is a waste of time, you're the one looking at it and taking the time to write to me, retard.  'I BET YOUR WERE A GEEK AT SCHOOL...'  You wouldn't make much of a psychic would you?  I am not some clique-ish little prep like you but I have a lot of friends and we are all anti-Avril.  How about you finish 5th grade, buy yourself a thesaurus, and find some new insults......'slag'?  HA!

Sent: 7/5/03
My god! I never thought I would say this but your spelling is worse than Avril. You actaully dumb down people around you.  Ova? Noe? Bou?!?  Don't take your anger out on me because you got kicked out of 2nd grade.  Go hang with your 'gurlie' avril.  You two can share half a brain together.

Sent: 6/13/03
Uh....I`m not one of those blond tie wearing bimboes ..but WTF!....If you don`t like her music don`t ing listen to it then....I don`t actecully listen to S8ter boi and that stuff but One song on her CD (Naked) actecully cured my anorexia....I don`t think you should diss pepps with that great songs....MY opinion....
Aw, how touching.  Avril's song, , "actecully" cured your anorexia?  Don't you think that maybe it is a coincidence that you started to like her song around the same time that you realized that starving yourself is a retarded thing to do?  Jeez, all that food you've been depriving yourself of has left you with very few braincells if you would really write a sentence as stupid as "I don`t think you should diss pepps with that great songs."  Go eat something you skinny loser.

"Check it out! (Or 'ooot' as Avril would say!)" -HOW RUDE IS THAT!?!? Making fun of the way somebody talks! And u say SHE'S shallow? that's terrible! I went to one of her concerts, she played guitar, and after the concert she was in the parking lot, singing for people, and giving away free t-shirts.
She didn't drop out of highschool. SHE WAS SOOO NOT A ?!?! Why did u even think of making this up!?! 5ex Pistols? i only heard of them recently. a lot of people i know nenver heard of them. She doesn't try to be a punk, get a life! The way she dresses doesn't mean she wants to be one. Her music is pop-rock, and she has a few gospel songs.Altering pictures is totally stupid. ur a loser. it only proves stupidity.Preying on humans is terrible.So she wears a halter top? it really doesn't show it like Britney, and i bet u wore something like thst before, or at least will.  She gives a lot of her money to charities, and schools. Why do u enjoy being a rude, conceited snob? i mean u say ur guilds great! oh yeah, let's be mean, real great. and u've never joked around and said, "I am the best!" or something like that. come on, i bet even u, a pathetic idiot, said something like that. i hate how u think acting rude, being shallow, and conceited, and just an awful human is a great thing, as long as others agree. i hope u burn u and die, or at least get what u deserve. so give it up,  God wants ALL humans to be equal.
*cough* RETARD! *cough* What do you mean by "she didn't drop out of high school"!!! She quit in her Junior year!!! Why the he11 would you make a statement like that without knowing it? Wow, you just heard of the 5ex Pistols? How uber lame can you get? Also, I don't alter any of the pictures on the site. I would never do that, becuase Avril is as ugly enough as it is.  I only add words.  She has gospel songs on her album? HAHAHAHA she is such a douche!  Yes I've worn halter tops, but I don't go around saying that I don't wear revealing clothes and then wear them. There's a big difference! " i
hope u burn u and die, or at least get what u deserve. so give it up,  God
wants ALL humans to be equal." Well, I am going to die, and I'm going to be cremated, so I guess you will get your wish.  If "God" wants all humans to be equal, he wouldn't have made you, because you are considerably dumber than the rest of humanity.

Sun, 4 May 2003 17:59:45
Avril is the greatest singer on earth! I can't believe u *beep* could make a site like that! U R such a jerk. Avril writes her own songs and really does play the guitar. She ain't the poser, u r. She put a ton of work into her album Let Go. If u were a singer and there was an anti site about u, would u get mad? Would it hurt ur feelings? It hurts Avril's fans feelings. U should respect people who r so higher and more important than u. U should be lucky she doesn't mind critics, or she'd kick your ass.
Hahaha you are lame.  Avril is the greatest singer on earth? Yeah maybe if she was the last living creature on earth.....Don't say that Avril writes her songs and plays guitar because I have proved that she does neither of the two.  I don't care if I hurt your feelings.  You, as an Avril fan, deserve it.  I need to respect people who are so higher??? 'So higher' nice grammar.  Was Avril your grammar teacher?  Avril kicking my ass would need a step ladder, plus, she would have her body guards do it for me.  Get a life.   -Sky

Sun, 23 Mar 2003 10:30:21
yes your site is funny. avril sucks. we ALL know this. you making this website is a waste of your time. hating avril lavigne is just as much of a trend as she is. you are not a real punk. and if you read this and respond you can't say you didn't claim to be because I have read your other mail. real "punks" don't exist. and self proclaimed ones like you and your little buddies suck. you are the worst. don't label music it will get you no where. no one band fits into one certain genre. especially when it comes to "punk." avril sucks get over it. if you were such a "punk" then you wouldn't even care. I'm not offended by your website...I'm just telling you that you should listen to music, know what your listening to is good, and that you like it. its not that hard. oh and your sn is just so punk rock! go you skater punk.........god you spell things with 8's in them! ughh. ok I'm done.
I already said in the About Us section that 50% of the reason why I made the site is to make people laugh, so don't tell me that my site is a waste of time. Also, what gives YOU the authority to tell me I'm wasting my own time.  It's MY time to do what I want with.  Obviously you have been hanging out in Hot Topic a little too much if you think "real punks" don't exist.  You don't just walk into the mall and see them, you have to go to actual shows.  Also, you tell me that punk idn't just one catagory, and then you say that a "real punk" wouldn't care about Avril.  Retard.  And the reason I spell things with 8s in them is because I'M MAKING FUN OF AVRIL.  You know, you lame 'sk8er boi' thing.  If you think the site is a waste of time, don't read it. 

Sun, 16 Mar 2003 13:45:19
You think you're so cool adn all, by making an "anti Avril" site, but you just make yourself look like dumbfu<k. I mean, yea, i don't like her either, but you go and state how much you her, then you go and waste your tiem making a site against her with photo galleries and all kinds of ot ! You are nothing buut a douche bag and you are trying to act punk and cool when you aren't,so get over yourself and do us punks a favor.... SHUT UP!
Okay, first of all, I never said I thought I was punk (not that I don't, but don't make statements when there is no proof)  Second of all, I never said that I thought I was 'so cool adn all'.  Third,  I say in the About Us section why I would 'waste my time' making an Anti Avril site.  Fourth, you are probably one of those commercialiezed Hot Topic 'punks' who think that by wearing Spongebob Shirts and having colorful shoelaces and dyed hair that you are suddenly a punk. Sorry, hun, but it's just not true.  One last thing:  It is not that hard to spell words like 'and', and 'but'.  You need to get a life when I clearly state not to enter my site when you will get offended. Moron.



im just looking around sum anti-sites and i've gotta say... if you dont like her why don't you just forget about her?? i mean, u must have a lot of time in your hands to be doing this... and if your wondering, i do have a life and friends and i like surfing through dumbass websites like yours. and u keep critizing her looks and the way she dresses well she can dress however she wants and of course you cant stop her. Ur saying shes ugly? well how about putting ur face in the site and make it a bit more hilarious

When I saw this email, I was so excited to reply.  First of all, don't tell me to 'forget about her'.  If I want to make a site about how much she sucks, I'll do it and you can't f*cking stop me.  So you do have a life and friends but you like the surf through dumbass sites?  If you have so much time on your hands, why don't you spend an extra nanosecond that it takes to add the Y and O in the word 'you'?  Secondly, you are right, I can't stop her from dressing in her stupid poser clothes, but I can try warn people to watch out for her poser fan mob and avoid their fashion sense to prevent further humiliation.  And finally, I should add a picture of myself?  You think I'm ugly?  Well, I've been asked multiple times by mode|ing agencies to create a portfolio for them, but I'm too busy searching around for colleges to apply for to accept.  So you can go f*ck yourself.


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