Anti-Avril Lavigne

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They are trying to kill us all!

Avril is a stalker

She doesn't even know how to do it

Avril wishes she could skateboard

Avril should go back to school.

Another Magazine Parody

LyKe, WuT a LoozEr!

What a hick!

What a poser!

Avril tells another lie.

Can you say 'Uber Lame'?

Ummm.. Is she OK? I hope not!

She jumped cuz no one liked her anymore

She has such good manners!

Real Lycos Ad
Avril: just another Pop Princess

Ooooh! So THAT'S why everyone likes her!

She needs help. Badly.

Sad but true

It hurts her but she just can't stop being stupid.

Avril's dance moves did not succeed in fabdome

Avril has nothing to do....

That is code for 'Avril is a stupid dipsh*t'

If you ever see Avril, be sure to punch her face

Who would want to kiss HER!

Float away... just go...

What an idiotic poser!

She's been practising for over a year!

She should go back to school

What an ugly little trailer trash hick!

Ignorance is bliss.

Boogie down, poser, sistah!

You have learned much, young grasshopper.

Avril and her hero...
Avril and her autographed Shania Twain picture!

Hahaha...look at her stupid head...

She's so ugly, she needs a mask

Avril is so very lame. So very very lame.

Avril is so primitive

I guess the stress of doing nothing is hard!

Avril is such a poser

She can't be seen without them!

I guess that fan read her quote about hating preps

I don't think her tie is tight enough.

All pictures were made by me, so please do not take them.