Anti-Avril Lavigne

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Hahahahaha this is from J-14!!!!!

They airbrushed out her ugliness

I wanna hear her go Splat!

Please, put her out of our misery! o_0

What a tard!

LyKe OmiGoD!!!!!!!!11

Where'd her eyebrows go?

Some Ex-Lax should do the trick!

Look at her! She's falling asleep!

Shoot it!

Avril the Princess


How hardc0re punk is it to be on the cover of YM?

She looks like Britney Spears!!!

What the hell is that?!?!

Available at Hot Topic for only $79.99!

Loser Parade

A parody I made ;)

Oh jeezus!

Avril Sale

Avril, the 'Wuzzup' thing is totally out.

But it lyke looks good!

Very deep thoughts...

Vote for my site!

It must be all the drugs....

For the love of god!!!!!

LyKe TottaLee!!

Avril before she 'lyke got all famous 'n junk!"

Oopsy  =^_^=

Oooh, sexy!

Converse are t0ta11y h^rdc0re pUnK rAwkk!!!!

Avril, drawn by me

Avril's definition of punk and prep

Avril's ugly face

Avril makes an ugly face

I told you!

Avril is just another pop loser


Those silly fans throwing eggs at me!!! ^_^


She would know...

All pictures were made by me, so please do not take them.