Anti-Avril Lavigne

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Avril Puppet

I don't think she knows what this symbol means

Avril was a loser then and she's a loser now!

Anti-Avril Banner

Digging for worms (not that she needs any more!)

Eww! Who's the ugly b*tch!?

She can't play guitar

Avril as a child.... Holy crap!


Avril the Loser

Ha ha! She fooled you!

Avril lost her nominations

Then she wouldn't suck!

What a stupid poser

I'd like to really disect her...while she's alive!

She is such a liar!

Too bad she's, well you know, a retard...

Avril: Digging for gold

She looks she ran into a wall or something....

Avril and her obviously fake smile.

No wonder she never makes sense when she talks!

Avril Cartoon

Yes, thatis an actual Avril quote

I knew she was a mutant!

What a phony!

Punk my a**

Hee hee she's so lame ^_^

L is for LOSER

All pictures were made by me, so please do not take them.